Merry Christmas!

Hi all! Sorry it's been so long! I don't remember what's been going on lol...oh, I WENT TO FLORIDA TO SURPRISE MY GIRLS AT NATIONALS!!! Alan got me the ticket for Christmas, best gift he's ever gotten me :-) It was the BEST surprise I have ever pulled off. It's on video, I have to get it and then maybe attach it somehow...I'll work on that. They were so excited and Brittney started balling...I can't put on here exactly what she said when she saw me but use your imagination haha. The girls did AWESOME and were 3/10's away from THIRD! had they hit clean I know they would've had it...however, they had 2 major safety violations (one was legit, one was not) so it knocked them out of top 5 :-( but we were ok with it when we found out had that not happened it would've been 4th!! the best placement EVER for a team from the Midwest! They ROCK and I can't wait until next year.

Alan and I are heading back to Indiana tonight for Christmas! We are both so excited! Our flight leaves at 8:30!!!! We had to go to storage last night to get our winter coats out! It is 65 here during the day so we don't need them :) I can't wait to see all the fam, and his fam too! Tomorrow I am going to Chicago with my Mom, 2 of my aunts, and my cousin to SHOP! Well...probably just look but I'm excited! And we have reservations at a really good Italian restaurant which I haven't had in a long time....yum! I hope you all have a great holiday with your families and enjoy your time off work! Love yas! Merry Christmas and God Bless!


Just Checking In


Haha, this is a good time :-) I hope everyone is doing good! No big plans this weekend for us, I think tonight we are just relaxing because it's rainy and gloomy here today (that's a first!) And really I have no idea for Saturday or Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone, stay warm everyone from home! See you all soon!!
Love ya's!



Hi all! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!! Mine was good, now I definitely look forward to going home and spending some time with the family at Christmas!! I wanted to put some pics up of my girls at home and WISH THEM GOOD LUCK at Nationals next week in Orlando!!! You gals are AMAZING!! Love ya and miss ya!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!! I have nothing new to report...well, mine and Brit's cheer team back home took first place at their Regional competition as well as Michelle's LaPorte team and they are both headed to Nationals!!! It's the first week in December and I'm so excited for them! Last year my girls got top 5 and they are hoping to keep it that way :-) Wish them all luck!

We are going to Alan's Grandma's house tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner and then don't have any big plans the rest of the weekend, I'm looking forward to relaxing and having some time off work.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and eat LOTS! Love and miss you!!


Alan's "Fun Day" at Work...

Here are some pics from Alan's "field day" at work on Tuesday...enjoy! And have a fun weekend everyone!




Hi everyone!
It's been so long, I'm so sorry! Work has just been SUPER busy and sometimes I just forget haha....I hope you have all been doing good. Let's see...what have we been up to. Um, 2 weeks ago Friday I fell down the stairs at work (surprise surprise) and sprained my ankle pretty badly, my cousin Michelle fell at Lauren's gymnastics class and broke her foot...I think that's all for the injuries ;-) Alan and I bought our plane tickets to go home for Christmas YAY :) We will be home December 20 - January 2!! I can't wait to go home and see everyone, though I'm not excited to have to get my winter coat back out lol....

My Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob visited and Alan and I met up with them at The Phoenician and had a really nice time with drinks and appetizers :-) My cheerleaders got FIRST PLACE at District and Michelle's team also got FIRST PLACE :) Congratulations to the Portage PeeWees and the Laporte Midgets and best of luck to them this weekend at Regionals on November 11th in Illinois!! I will post pics when someone sends me some! ;-)

Hmm...I think that's about it! On Sunday we are going to see a Nascar event and then a week from today ASHLEY DOST WITH THE MOST is coming to town YAYYYYY!! I'm SOO happy and we are going to see So You Think You Can Dance on Sunday the 18th, my favorite!!! Alan has a friend who hooked us up with tickets in a suite....I can't wait!!!!

Ok, love and miss everyone!! Have a great weekend!


Good Luck!


So everyone who knows me knows that my true love and passion is coaching cheerleading. I have coached AMAZING girls and been so blessed to have been head coach for 4 years (though I've been coaching since age 14), qualifying for Nationals all 4 years as head coach and placing in the top 5 twice and always placing in the top 10. My girls are being coached long distance now (great job Brit (and Kellie!), and also great job with LaPorte Michelle!) They have competition coming up in a week and I wanted to wish the Portage PeeWees (MY GIRLS WOO HOO) and the LaPorte Midgets GOOD LUCK!!!

Ok, now the link above is SO FUNNY because it's bloopers of cheer and dance and football and it's so true and so funny and every single year I see them. Really worth a watch for a good laugh.

GOOD LUCK GIRLS!!! I love ya!


Happy 2nd Birthday to Lauren!

Happy birthday!! I hope it was a great one! thanks for posting the pics, Michelle! Love and miss everyone!!! PS- Looking good Mom!!!



CUBS LOSE, DBACKS SWEEP!!!!! What an exciting couple of days! Alan and I were both getting calls and text messages from our friends who are Cubs fans saying how frustrated they were and how the DBacks deserved it....yea baby! Chris Young with a lead off homerun...nice!
My Boilermakers got stomped. I knew that Ohio State would probably win, but I was still wishful thinking :) And I still hate Ohio State. I work with 6 men here at my office and they are ALL from Cleveland so it was a rough week and I've been razzed all morning....haha....

So another busy week, we play the Rockies starting Thursday, I can't WAIT! Wish us luck! Oh, and thanks to everyone who has been calling and congratulating Alan, he is SO excited and it means a lot to him when people have called and shown their support. I hope he gets a ring!!!!

Have a good week and I'll/we'll talk to you all soon!!!



So the last 2 days have been AWESOME going to the playoff games! Then again, any day watching the Scrubs lose is always good to me :-) So tomorrow they are playing in Chicago and it's also the PURDUE vs. Ohio State game....BOILER UP!!! I think we are going to Fox Sports Grill on Saturday with a bunch of people from his office to watch the game...but if not, we will be watching both of them from our big screen at home!



DBack Rally

So last night Alan and I went with Tim and Danielle to the Diamondbacks rally, it was a good time, worth it for sure. Free food and booze! We were up on the balcony of the building you can see in this picture below. I can't wait to watch them whoop all over the SCRUBS!!!!


Me and Robby

Here's me and my little brother, Robby, at a Sox game last year. :) Love him!!!!! :-)

Go DBacks!


So, needless to say, Alan is SOO excited about the DBacks playing the Cubs in the playoffs. We went to San Diego this weekend and I could barely contain him in the hotel, he was so happy! We went to Sea World on Saturday and the Chargers game on Sunday. It was an awesome weekend. I will post some pics sometime this week. I hope you are all doing well and we cannot wait to come home and see everyone at Christmas...just wish we could bring this weather with us! Also, happy birthday to Lauren this past weekend! We love you!


Cubs Lose!

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all doing good, sorry I haven't written in a little while. Let's see, what have we been up to...

Last Saturday we went to the Cubs / D-Backs game and it was SO FUN! It's always fun watching the Cubs lose though :) And there was a fireworks show afterwards and it was good too. Then we went to Flicka's (our friendly neighborhood bar) with Tim and Danielle and hung out until about 1:00 and came home. Good times :) This week has been good, Alan hasn't had games so dinner time has been normal haha...last night Danielle and I went to happy hour and the mall, worth it!

I hope you all have a good holiday weekend! I think the only thing we have planned is dinner at a new restaurant on Saturday called White Chocolate Grill. Have fun and be safe!



YEA SABRA!!!! SOOO happy she won!!!! :-)


That was my favorite dance this season....


We are missing all of our "bests"!!! LOVE YOU MUCH!!!!!!!

HEY Pop Warner! -2nd family!


Ash, Me, K2, Michelle, and Brit

Jer makes this look good :-)


SAE heyyyy


Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend! Mine was a little stressful, I am trying to get a new car and get out of my lease but I keep changing my mind! I went to the dealer on Friday and almost went through with it on Saturday (a new Ford Escape) but then I got cold feet...and I was happy I did :-) On Sunday we went to a D-Backs game, good times!

This week should go fast, Michelle is coming on Thursday!!!
These are some pics that my cousin Michelle took at the festival they went to this weekend at my church at home. I LOVE the girls (Madelynn, Claire, and Lauren) eating their cotton candy. So cute their little blue mouths...so fun to be little :-) (and Claire is in love with Spiderman haha)

Love and miss everyone!!
Have a good week!



Claire A.K.A. Louie

Mike and Daniel

Kyle, Madelynn, Carter, Kiley, Katie, and Noah

"Babygirl" Lauren

And not pictured is the youngest, Logan. He just turned one on July 3rd and I need a more recent picture of him, which I will have soon.

These are all my cousins who I miss everyday, they are so precious, I had to post 'em! Love and miss 'em all!!! I hope you all have a good weekend


Hey all!! Welcome to my new blog! I decided to start it so I can say hi to everyone at home and keep you updated on our lives while keeping up with yours :-) We are doing great, homesick and missing everyone, but still good. Alan is working in baseball of course and I work for a commercial construction company and so far it's going ok! We have been here in Phoenix for about 5 months now, I can't believe the time has gone so fast! I hope this finds you all doing well, we love and miss everyone! COME VISIT, GET A TAN, PET A LIZARD!