hey all :)
just a quick check in to say we are doing good :) working at the doctor's office and then working the hot rod home games is keeping me super busy but at least I get to see my man haha :) we are super busy with wedding plans but it's coming along! Alan had hand surgery about 2 weeks ago and that is finally starting to get better. He has a scar across his palm that looks like harry potters on his head.

i got my dress, the bridesmaids ordered theirs, the flower girl dresses are in, the centerpieces are all made, the invites are ordered, the pavilion is booked, the caterer is booked, dessert is soon to be ordered, bridal party flowers are ordered, the honeymoon IS BOOKED OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....we're gettin there!

hmmm what else...I turn 30 in 11 days (WOW....thirties here I come haha!) And we were home this past weekend and my Mom and 2 aunts made ALL the centerpieces for the wedding, BLESS you all, they turned out fabulous, thank you :) I love my family. My grandparents also took us all out to dinner for my birthday and it was wonderful :) So nice! Oh and Brody is WONDERFUL. Love him to the moon and beyond. He crawls all over the place and pulls up now and laughs and giggles, he is such a great baby. Here's his most recent pic haha....have a great week, hope everyone is doing well! :) come visit and go to a game anytime!