Sweet Baby Boy :)

Here are some much clearer pictures of the little bean :) He is just precious...enjoy!!


More Brody....

Here are a few more :) Christal and her son, Robby and his son (looking much happier in this one haha) and then Brody :) I AM AN AUNT!! YAYYYYYYYY!!! Isn't he precious!?!?!
I am so proud of them!!


He just arrived about half an hour ago. He weighs 7lbs and is 18.5 inches long. He is absolutely marvelous. Brody David...Happy Birthday sweet boy, we love you!!

Waiting Game!

Christal is at the hospital and as of right now has had an epidural, is dilated to a five, and craving Arby's :-) What a trooper. Her blood pressure is elevated so they are keeping a close eye on her.

Blurry pic of Christal, sorry I am just getting cell phone pics from my Mom right now. She is so cute!

Here is Robby, don't mind the expression, he isn't big on getting solo shots lol...

And last but not least, here is my Dad. He is in the waiting room playing Littlest Pet Shop Guess Who with Michelle and Madelynn...too cute ;) That is my cousin Danny sitting next to him.

And here is my Mom and Dad with Madelynn and Lauren playing Uno :) Dolls.

And yes, when babies come in our family, we ALL head to the hospital to be there :) I am sad I can't be but really glad for picture/camera phones right now...I'll post as soon as I have a pic of the new little man. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers....


Happy First Day...

of Autumn!!! FALL IS HERE YAY!!! Fall is my favorite, favorite time of year! I am so excited to get our decorations out this weekend :-) And to carve punkins for Halloween! AND I get so excited for Thanksgiving!! Fall is the best.Also, I have a baby update! Christal went to the doctor today and she is dilated to a 3. They scheduled the appointment to induce her this Thursday at 7:00 A.M. if he doesn't come naturally before then. My family is so excited, a new baby YAY!! I have a feeling this week is gonna drag until Thursday gets here...


Remember Me??

So, I am on the computer working on wedding 'stuff' and apparently I am not paying enough attention to my darling fiance, who made his way around the cords, and the computer, to plop his head smack dab in the middle of the action....my lap. :-)

Football is back on now so he is watching that....on the couch....which is 2 feet away from me.....love him haha ;) We just ordered Chinese for dinner and we both got new things (big for me, I get the same thing all the time...) and are getting ready to relax on the couch for the evening. I love Sundays...snugglin Sundays as I call them haha...pretty sure it's my favorite day of the week.


Bye Shirt...

So Alan came home from work on Wednesday and said, "oh man, I have a rip in my very first shirt." What he meant was, it was the first dress shirt he bought before he went on his interview for his first internship, in Maryland. I remember b/c I went with him on that trip and ironed it for him (he was a nervous wreck, but he got it!) It's been a good shirt, but we had to say goodbye...He got new glasses too, they look good :)



My little brother is 26 today!! Love you, miss you, I hope you have a great birthday! :)



My Aunt sent me this picture the other day - my cousin Michelle is on the left (my matron of honor) me, and my Mom. It was taken about 13 or 14 years ago (heyyyyy bangs)....and I know several of you will recall my wear-a-wig-out-on-the-town days....(heyyyyyy Purdue)....clearly there is no question where I get it from. My Mom RULES.


I'm Back!

Well, I am back in AZ! My visit home was awesome and I had a really great time. My Mom and I accomplished a LOT, she is awesome, such a big help :-) Friday, some of us girls went and got the bridesmaid dresses picked out. Saturday and Sunday I coached which was GREAT, Saturday night I went to dinner with Allie, Michelle, Kellie and Ashley. Sunday I went to dinner with my parents, my grandparents, Robby and Christal. On Labor Day my Grandparents came over, and my Aunt and Uncle and we had a small cookout, it was really nice :) I missed Alan really bad (sappy I know) so it was nice to come back :) My parents are the best though, thanks again for everything! (And I know you are wondering....no, still no baby!)

While I was gone there was a monsoon with 85 mile an hour winds...and a tree happened to land on my car (3 cars to be exact) and it caused $2,300 worth of damage, boo.

Here is a picture of the tree, my car is 2 over from this one. It tore the roots out of the concrete....lots of damage all around....Here is my car from the back.And here she is from the side. It broke the windshield and the front lights, dented the hood, the roof, and the right fender. I don't think I get her back until next week sometime...But that's ok, it could've been worse right!? I hope everyone had a nice weekend!