Can you believe it friends!?!?!? Alan asked me to marry him!!! I was home this past weekend for R0bby and Christal's baby shower and on Friday night I was going to dinner with my family for my birthday. They said they wanted to go to Pepe's in Valpo which I thought was odd since there is one down the street from my house but I go with the flow :-) When I got out of the car Alan's family was pulling up...I was so confused and said, "um, there's the Bowmans..." My Mom said, "Surprise that's why we came here!" Ok...made more sense. And just a little past history, that is where Alan and I officially met, had our first kiss...lots of history :-) Anyway, I was reading my menu and happened to look up and there he was!!! He flew home to surprise me and said it was for my birthday. We ate dinner and afterwards Alan said he wanted to make a toast. He congratulated Robby on the baby, his sister on her new teaching job, then said he wanted to ask my Dad's permission to keep going (at this point I broke out in hives.) He recited the opening lyrics to Me and You by Kenny Chesney (I always say that is our song haha) and said super sweet things and how I'm his best friend and that is where our life started and the next thing I knew he was standing me up and dropping to a knee!! It was perfect and I am one lucky gal haha. Anyway, that's the big news for us! I need to say thanks to my Mom and Amy for keeping it secret and helping him with the plans! And also to all of our friends and family who made it SUCH a great weekend for us, we love you all!! Now we are going to start planning a wedding for next fall. Here are some pics from that night.

This does it no justice haha! It's really so pretty and sparkly!

Ok just wanted to share the good news :-) Hope you all have a super week!


Goin Home!

I'm headed back to the Midwest tomorrow and SO excited about it!!! (Except Alan can't go and I miss him already!) Christal and Robby's baby shower is this weekend. I land Thursday evening and my Mom is picking me up at Midway. Then I'm sure we'll head to Schoops ;-) Friday we are going to get pedicures (second of my life) and run some errands, we'll probably stop by the church to make sure everything is set up and ready for the shower. Friday night I am going to dinner with the fam for my birthday and then Saturday is the shower. Saturday night I am going to dinner with 8 amazing ladies, Sunday church and Monday I come back! It'll go fast.....

So last weekend Alan came home (on Friday) and surprised me with Kenny Chesney tickets for Saturday, with Keith Urban. IT WAS WORTH IT! I am born and raised on country music (my Mom's parents had LARGE families...my Nana had 10 brothers and sisters, my Papa had 11....) and they all lived in the South and every year we would all meet up for a family reunion in Kentucky. I love country music, love that you can turn it on with a child in the car and not have to worry about lyrics, just brings back a sense of family and home. I loved the concert. He was super sweet doing that for me because he is NOT a country music fan, though I think he is gaining an apprecation for certain artists (Sugarland, b/c they performed with Jovi of course) and Rascall Flatts b/c what's not to love!?!?! Anyway, I really appreciated that he would do that. He is good to me :-) He makes me laugh everyday and we have so much fun together, I'm blessed to have him and be with my best friend. Thank you, Alan!!! Love you THIS MUCH!!!

Also, my little cousin Alexis turned TEN YEARS OLD on June 2nd. I can't believe she is ten, guess that's not so little anymore! Alexis was my first new baby cousin born...since then there have been 11 more and another cousin and a nephew on the way. Babies everywhere and WE LOVE IT :-) So happy 10th birthday to the first one -such a happy baby, always laughing and ridiculously smart. Love you very much!!!

Lex with her little brother Logan

Have a great weekend kids! I'm gonna try and take pics while I'm home with my Mom's camera since mine is down for the count! Talk to you soon!