The Move

Well we made it :) We are officially moved in to our new apartment in Kentucky. This is the third place Alan and I have lived in...in just about 4 years time. It was the last move any of this furniture will make with us. We were blessed to have the hand me downs that we do but they are officially on their last leg. Everything is damaged, particularly the bedroom furniture. The couch is ripped on the corner, and even the prized posession tv got a small ding (not noticable though, phew...)

Alan got the offer for his Director of Sales position on a Tuesday and we moved the following Monday. LOTS to do in a short amount of time. Thank goodness we work really well together and make a good team lol. I went online and scheduled the moving trailor, found our new apartment, Alan made the calls to get boxes, did our change of address/forwarding with the post office and cancelled all of the necessary stuff (cable, phone, etc.) We used ABF to move all of our things here. They drop off the trailor, we had to load it, then they pick it up and bring it here and we move everything in and they pick it up. My car was a lease and due on 1/5 so we were able to ride here together (MUCH better than being alone in a car for 25 hours!)

We boxed everything up and then me, him, and his Dad put it all in the truck. His Mom can't lift but she did some boxing inside as well and also did a lot of cleaning for us. We had to park the trailor across the complex so we had to rent a utility truck from Home Depot for a day to load the boxes on and drive them across. It took us about a day and a half. Then we drove for 2.5 days, our stuff arrived here late Friday night (as well as my parents) and we moved in on Saturday in RECORD time. Alan had asked his new co-workers if they wanted to help and seriously nine people showed up. THANK YOU LORD because we live on the third floor, have some very heavy things, and I am honestly not sure how we would've done it. My parents were a huge help as well and Alan and I can't thank either of our parents enough!!

So now I am trying to get organized and get these boxes out of here (almost there!) and also find a job!! I also have to go home sometime very soon and find a wedding dress (this sounds wierd I bet but I'm not excited about this part at all, I hate dresses lol.) I went to David's Bridal in AZ and had no luck and felt like a snowman....PRAY FOR ME haha.....

Thank you for the well wishes and prayers! Today is Alan's second day on the job and the people are SO SO NICE and he thinks he is really going to like it. I have always loved KY so this is great for me :) Come visit anytime, this place has more restaurants than I have ever seen on the main road! Have a good week! :-)