Cubs Lose!

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all doing good, sorry I haven't written in a little while. Let's see, what have we been up to...

Last Saturday we went to the Cubs / D-Backs game and it was SO FUN! It's always fun watching the Cubs lose though :) And there was a fireworks show afterwards and it was good too. Then we went to Flicka's (our friendly neighborhood bar) with Tim and Danielle and hung out until about 1:00 and came home. Good times :) This week has been good, Alan hasn't had games so dinner time has been normal haha...last night Danielle and I went to happy hour and the mall, worth it!

I hope you all have a good holiday weekend! I think the only thing we have planned is dinner at a new restaurant on Saturday called White Chocolate Grill. Have fun and be safe!



YEA SABRA!!!! SOOO happy she won!!!! :-)


That was my favorite dance this season....


We are missing all of our "bests"!!! LOVE YOU MUCH!!!!!!!

HEY Pop Warner! -2nd family!


Ash, Me, K2, Michelle, and Brit

Jer makes this look good :-)


SAE heyyyy


Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend! Mine was a little stressful, I am trying to get a new car and get out of my lease but I keep changing my mind! I went to the dealer on Friday and almost went through with it on Saturday (a new Ford Escape) but then I got cold feet...and I was happy I did :-) On Sunday we went to a D-Backs game, good times!

This week should go fast, Michelle is coming on Thursday!!!
These are some pics that my cousin Michelle took at the festival they went to this weekend at my church at home. I LOVE the girls (Madelynn, Claire, and Lauren) eating their cotton candy. So cute their little blue mouths...so fun to be little :-) (and Claire is in love with Spiderman haha)

Love and miss everyone!!
Have a good week!



Claire A.K.A. Louie

Mike and Daniel

Kyle, Madelynn, Carter, Kiley, Katie, and Noah

"Babygirl" Lauren

And not pictured is the youngest, Logan. He just turned one on July 3rd and I need a more recent picture of him, which I will have soon.

These are all my cousins who I miss everyday, they are so precious, I had to post 'em! Love and miss 'em all!!! I hope you all have a good weekend


Hey all!! Welcome to my new blog! I decided to start it so I can say hi to everyone at home and keep you updated on our lives while keeping up with yours :-) We are doing great, homesick and missing everyone, but still good. Alan is working in baseball of course and I work for a commercial construction company and so far it's going ok! We have been here in Phoenix for about 5 months now, I can't believe the time has gone so fast! I hope this finds you all doing well, we love and miss everyone! COME VISIT, GET A TAN, PET A LIZARD!