I know I know, it's been forever since I posted but so much has gone on! BUT, today is Alan's 30th birthday! AHHH, I can't believe we are in our thirties (well....technically I still have 4 months haha.) I had bought this cute little birthday hat to put on his breakfast I was gonna make, and then he told me last night he was leaving an hour early for a breakfast meeting at work. So I made him take it with him for his desk ;) I got him cologne which he has been wanting since we are still on a budget (Light Blue it's called.) SMELLS SO GOOD. Worth it. Tonight we are going to dinner wherever he chooses (steak) and then to hang out with his co-workers. I hope he has a great day and his thirties are some of his most amazing years :) I LOVE YOU, LOVIE!! Have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it!!!