Past Weekends

So the past 2 weekends have been a good time :-) Two weekends ago we went to the zoo! I was so happy to be walking around outside, it was 75 and the weather was gorgeous. Plus, we got a new digital camera so I wanted to try it out. Here are a few of the pictures we took...the first one is of a little chipmunk that found some popcorn on the ground and had a party! He was so cute. So I kept throwing him more...and the little monkey, well, you actually go in the exhibit with them. It's neat but they honestly try to use the restroom on your head. You have to be careful...

I have more but I won't put them all :-) It was a really good time. Then this past Saturday Alan's cousin was in town from Colorado (and his parents - they were super nice) playing in a tennis tournament for Mesa State University. We went to his match and then to dinner with his family. I'm going to put some pictures up but please make note of the two older women...they are Lowie (on the left) and Edie (on the right.) Lowie is 92 and Edie is 99. And yes, they are drinking mixed drinks with vodka and Edie was sad that there wasn't enough alcohol in hers. They are so sweet and SO smart still, it's really amazing. We are playing pinochle over there this Saturday, and Lowie still keeps score. And I honestly still really don't understand it at all.
Alan and his cousin Kevin

Al's Aunt Carol and Grandma Bowman
Lowie and Edie - Cheers!

Also, my parents, Robby and Christal went to see Steve and his family this weekend in Greenville, SC and my Dad, Robby, and Steve all did a Nascar Driving Experience (the Dale one.) They all LOVED it and from what I hear will love to do it again. I'm glad they had a great time and that they are all safe and sound back home now :-) Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday :-) Oh, and Robby won! Good job Rob!

Ok, love and miss everyone!

xoxo, Kelly


too much time!

I can't belive it's been a month! Too much time has gone by, I really can't believe it's already February! I hope everyone is having a good 2008 so far! Not too much to report on here lol...I am doing good, trying to be healthier this year! Alan is great, he's been keeping busy. Arizona was a mad house last week with the Superbowl and the golf tournament here. He worked the NFL experience the past 2 weekends and then this past Sunday we went to watch the golfers. It was really fun! The weather was a bit cool but I actually liked it better than sitting out there sweating and being miserable! We also are planning a trip to DISNEYLAND WOOHOOO! I can't wait. This is not his 'out' on the real deal Disney either...hopefully next year we can plan a full week's trip to Disney World. Chad is suppose to be coming to visit in March...2 of my aunts will be here for spring training...my friend Kellie is coming in July...I'm currently working on Brittney and Michelle's routines for this year and will go home in September to teach those...it's busy busy!

Good news too...I'm going to be an AUNT! Yes, Robby and Christal are going to have a little babe! I just sent them home this little bib..
so cute! I'll have an easier time buying things when I know what they are having but they aren't finding out...what a great surprise!!!

Ok, that's it for now :) I'll have to post some new pics here soon.
Love y'all!