April Birthdays!

Happy April Birthdays to my family!!!

Madelynn turned 5...

The twins (Katie and Carter) turned 7...

And Danny Ryan turned 31...

My Grandma and Alan's sister Amy both had a birthday too but I don't have a picture of either of them on my new camera yet. Happy Birthday to you all!

Speaking of our camera.....we have only had it since February and when Chad and April were here 2 weekends ago I was taking a picture and a tennis ball that Chad and Alan were playing catch with pegged me in the face and I dropped it right on the lens...and it's totally broken. It won't open or close or do anything. Lol...guess I'll save a little out of the next few paychecks and go get another one! I need it before my visit home in June! And don't worry, I was not injured in the accident.

I have more pics to post soon...today hopefully :-) I hope everyone is good!


Lunch...and Hives

So apparently today is Administrative Professionals Day. My boss just beeped my phone from his office and the conversation went something like this:
J: "Kelly, where do you want to go for lunch today?"
K: "Um...I have a stomach ache."
J: "But I want to take you out for lunch!"
K: "No." (laughing under breath)
J: "Then what am I suppose to do?"
K: "Let me leave at 3:00?"
Those of you who know me well know how shy/bashful/take your pic that I can be. Sure if I know you, I'm nuts. But if not totally comfortable, well then no thanks lol....
I now have hives and some slight pit sweat.
Crazy what a little lunch date will do huh?
Shy girls....I am what I am! Maybe I will get out early though....even though he ended with, "then I'll make you stay til 6!"
Sheesh...Happy Admin Day to Me!



Hi all! Long time no post! Let's see...this past Friday we went to the Daughtry/Jovi concert (which was awesome!) It was my 3rd time seeing Jovi and I've loved every single time! I went to opening day at the DBacks, they have this new massive HD scoreboard....Madelynn had a 5th birthday on April 1, Happy Birthday Mad!!! And Thursday we are getting visitors from Indiana! CHAD IS COMING! He is bringing his new girlfriend April and I'm excited to meet her. My Aunt Shelia is having surgery on her brain again on the 18th so please keep her in your prayers, and my Mom and other aunts as they travel to South Carolina to be with her. I will post some pics of Al's birthday and the concert soon! I hope you are all doing well, love and miss y'all!!