Who says...

You can't go home? ;-) A week from tomorrow me and my hottie hubs will be moving back home! He accepted a job there that is better pay and benefits and he couldn't pass it up. We love it here in BG and will miss it very much, but being closer to family and friends and when the time comes for us to try, having a baby (ahhh!) closer to them will be great.
We've been moving all around for a long time and I wouldn't change it for anything. We met amazing people, did amazing things, and now we're ending up back where we should :) It didn't take me long to learn that anywhere we are together, is home. 9 years and still get the butterflies in the belly. Thank you, Lord.


I'm a MRS! - PIC HEAVY!!!

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! Time flies! So...three weeks ago this Saturday we officially tied the knot! I.AM.SO.BLESSED. I have an incredible husband! The weather was amazing, our friends and family are MIRACLES, and the day was great! The Honeymoon was just as fantastic, as soon as I upload pics I'll get them on here. We had a very casual day with a baseball themed reception that started at 2:00...and people were still there at 10:00! I really hope everyone had a great time. I would've posted sooner, but the computer has been in the shop for awhile now, just got it back today. Here are some pics, enjoy :)
My brother walking my Mom - they are so cute :)

Me and my Dad!


Softball Game

Last week Alan's work had a full time vs. part time (intern) softball game. The interns made me their coach (they are all so great, I love them :) Unfortunately we lost both games but it was really fun!

We wore red and the full timers wore black.
They made me Coach B2B for Bowman to be! And my wedding date is 26...pretty crafty!
Alan is pal because he calls everyone here Pal lol...

Team KPA - may have lost but had more fun! ;)

The full timers, really good group of people!

Hopefully we'll do it again at the end of the season. We need a re-match! :)



Well, I'm officially THIRTY! It was a good birthday, I worked about 101 hours that week so it was BUSY. I worked at the doc and then the park and after we went to BW3's for a bit...like we had about 30 minutes until last call lol. When we got home Alan had cake and balloons here and it was seriously the best cake ever...I guess they put amaretto in the frosting - delicious :) I've never met a cake I don't like though....and when I got into the park 2 of my new favorite people, Nate and Lillie, had decorated my guest service booth with banners and balloons, had a giant cookie cake, candy, blow toys, it was super sweet! Our new friends and clients of Alan's, Teresa and Daryll got me a new picture frame with a B on it and a girl I work with, Laura, got me a gift card. Ashley sent me a gift card, my parents and grandparents gave me money...it was all so much more than I expected! Thank you everyone, it was thoughtful and appreciated! I love it here :-)
Here is my cake!
Yes, that is Cinderella...she is a pen! Haha, I love Disney! So sweet :)

And balloons...

We went out to dinner last time we were home too. Then we went back to my house and had cakes from a bakery for a cake tasting, so fun :) It was me and Alan, Robby, Christal and Brody Bug, my parents and my Grandparents.

Grandpa and Dad

Robby and Christal
Brody Boy
Mom, Brody, Grandma


Tonight we are going to dinner to relax (YAY) and tomorrow we are going to go see Harry Potter! Have a great week!!! We miss everyone!!



hey all :)
just a quick check in to say we are doing good :) working at the doctor's office and then working the hot rod home games is keeping me super busy but at least I get to see my man haha :) we are super busy with wedding plans but it's coming along! Alan had hand surgery about 2 weeks ago and that is finally starting to get better. He has a scar across his palm that looks like harry potters on his head.

i got my dress, the bridesmaids ordered theirs, the flower girl dresses are in, the centerpieces are all made, the invites are ordered, the pavilion is booked, the caterer is booked, dessert is soon to be ordered, bridal party flowers are ordered, the honeymoon IS BOOKED OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....we're gettin there!

hmmm what else...I turn 30 in 11 days (WOW....thirties here I come haha!) And we were home this past weekend and my Mom and 2 aunts made ALL the centerpieces for the wedding, BLESS you all, they turned out fabulous, thank you :) I love my family. My grandparents also took us all out to dinner for my birthday and it was wonderful :) So nice! Oh and Brody is WONDERFUL. Love him to the moon and beyond. He crawls all over the place and pulls up now and laughs and giggles, he is such a great baby. Here's his most recent pic haha....have a great week, hope everyone is doing well! :) come visit and go to a game anytime!


Hot Rods!

Here are some pics of the Hot Rods ball park and us at work :) I know some people were wondering if it would be done (still has some work to do on the offices) but the inside looks great! Come anytime :)

And a pic of my favorite little man just because he is SO DARN CUTE!


Rob and Christal's Wedding :-)

Heyyyy! I wanted to post some pics of Robby and Christal's wedding, they are a little late but I am a busy lady! I work 2 jobs now, 8-5 for a cardiologist and pulmonologist and then I work at the field on home games. So, Alan and I are both gone from about 7:30 to 1:00 A.M. We are exhausted but it's fun :) The wedding was super sweet, they looked great and Brody was a doll of course :) The reception was gorgeous and everyone had a very nice time. I am so happy for them!

Love you guys, God Bless you on a wonderful life together :-)



I know I know, it's been forever since I posted but so much has gone on! BUT, today is Alan's 30th birthday! AHHH, I can't believe we are in our thirties (well....technically I still have 4 months haha.) I had bought this cute little birthday hat to put on his breakfast I was gonna make, and then he told me last night he was leaving an hour early for a breakfast meeting at work. So I made him take it with him for his desk ;) I got him cologne which he has been wanting since we are still on a budget (Light Blue it's called.) SMELLS SO GOOD. Worth it. Tonight we are going to dinner wherever he chooses (steak) and then to hang out with his co-workers. I hope he has a great day and his thirties are some of his most amazing years :) I LOVE YOU, LOVIE!! Have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it!!!


The Move

Well we made it :) We are officially moved in to our new apartment in Kentucky. This is the third place Alan and I have lived in...in just about 4 years time. It was the last move any of this furniture will make with us. We were blessed to have the hand me downs that we do but they are officially on their last leg. Everything is damaged, particularly the bedroom furniture. The couch is ripped on the corner, and even the prized posession tv got a small ding (not noticable though, phew...)

Alan got the offer for his Director of Sales position on a Tuesday and we moved the following Monday. LOTS to do in a short amount of time. Thank goodness we work really well together and make a good team lol. I went online and scheduled the moving trailor, found our new apartment, Alan made the calls to get boxes, did our change of address/forwarding with the post office and cancelled all of the necessary stuff (cable, phone, etc.) We used ABF to move all of our things here. They drop off the trailor, we had to load it, then they pick it up and bring it here and we move everything in and they pick it up. My car was a lease and due on 1/5 so we were able to ride here together (MUCH better than being alone in a car for 25 hours!)

We boxed everything up and then me, him, and his Dad put it all in the truck. His Mom can't lift but she did some boxing inside as well and also did a lot of cleaning for us. We had to park the trailor across the complex so we had to rent a utility truck from Home Depot for a day to load the boxes on and drive them across. It took us about a day and a half. Then we drove for 2.5 days, our stuff arrived here late Friday night (as well as my parents) and we moved in on Saturday in RECORD time. Alan had asked his new co-workers if they wanted to help and seriously nine people showed up. THANK YOU LORD because we live on the third floor, have some very heavy things, and I am honestly not sure how we would've done it. My parents were a huge help as well and Alan and I can't thank either of our parents enough!!

So now I am trying to get organized and get these boxes out of here (almost there!) and also find a job!! I also have to go home sometime very soon and find a wedding dress (this sounds wierd I bet but I'm not excited about this part at all, I hate dresses lol.) I went to David's Bridal in AZ and had no luck and felt like a snowman....PRAY FOR ME haha.....

Thank you for the well wishes and prayers! Today is Alan's second day on the job and the people are SO SO NICE and he thinks he is really going to like it. I have always loved KY so this is great for me :) Come visit anytime, this place has more restaurants than I have ever seen on the main road! Have a good week! :-)