Here and Gone!

I can't believe how fast 2008 has gone. Looking back it has been a total whirlwind! We got engaged, Robby and Christal got engaged, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, Alan's parents celebrated their 35th anniversary, my beautiful nephew was born, I have several friends who were blessed with a baby or are pregnant...so many happy things :)Alan and I were also both laid off...but we realize there is still so much to be grateful for and know that God has something great in store for us :) We are blessed to have each other, our health, and amazing family and friends. We have always valued this more than money or material things and are so grateful for that.

We have no idea what 2009 holds in store for us. Right now, we don't even know where we will be living! It is exciting though and we are both looking forward to what the future holds. It will be very interesting to look back here next year and see how far we have come.

We are so excited to be at the year where we will officially become husband and wife and start a family. We hope you had a great 2008 and wish you all happiness and love in 2009 :) God Bless!

Love Kel and Al ;)


Happy Birthday and Anniversary :)

Happy Birthday, Mom!! I miss you and wish I could be there to go out for shrimp with you, hopefully soon!!! :) You are the greatest, I love you and hope you have a fun day!!!

Today is also me and Alan's last anniversary before our official wedding anniversary will begin! Awww....8 years today haha. Last night we were looking at old pictures and I said, "look at us, we've been together almost a century!" Oops...he said, "you mean.....decade?" haha, yep. Maybe it just FEELS like a century lol. We've been through so much together, I love him and am so grateful for him and excited to marry my best friend soon....it'll be here so fast! Happy Anniversary Lovie! :) We are going out for a steak dinner (for free!) at a place called The Grill at the Scottsdale Princess. Guess I have to wear heels?

OH...and my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on December 9th!! (And Claire's birthday was that day too, happy 5th birthday Louie!!) Robby and I were blessed with such amazing parents, thank you for all you do and I hope you had a great anniversary :)

Ok, some Christmas pics to come soon, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year too :)



Hi all! Guess what....we got a new camera! We were home from 12/6-12/13 and my parents gave it to us as a Christmas present, YAY! It was a great visit! Of course the best part was meeting our amazing nephew :) He is WONDERFUL, too sweet and precious for words. And guess what, Robby proposed to Christal! They are getting married!! Here is how he did it...

isn't that the CUTEST! He took her to a really nice dinner and stuff and My Mom and Dad kept the baby and had that on him under his clothes when they picked him up. When they went home she was putting him in his jammies and that was on! I hear she cried :) I'm very excited for them :) Congrats guys!!

On the Tuesday we were home I went to Chicago to go shopping with my Mom, my Aunts Sandy and Terrie, and my cousin Michelle. It was really fun and while we were eating dinner at The Walnut Room, my Mom said she had something for me and it was a Dirty Dancing ornament, and she surprised me and had tickets to go see it live at the theatre! SO FUN, I LOVE that movie haha :) My parents and family are so awesome and I am so blessed! Thank you everyone for everything while we were home! We also had dinner at my cousin Michelle's (with Jason, Madelynn, and Lauren), my Grandparents came over for our Christmas dinner while we were home and my Mom made a big dinner, I had lunch with Kellie, Brit, and Michelle and breakfast with Ash...and basically spent everyday with Brody except for Tuesday ;-)

Alan has been busy to say the least. He flew to Pennsylvania for an interview while we were at home, then the day after we got back we went to the Minnesota Vikings/Arizona Cardinal football game (Alan is a HUGE Vikes fan)...then Tuesday he had an interview locally, Wednesday he flew to Tampa Bay for an interview and didn't get home until about 1:00 A.M., and today he flew to Minnesota for another interview. I had to drop him off at the airport at 4:45 this morning and he won't get back until about 11:30, should there be no delays! And on top of it all, he is sick! I feel bad for him, he is such a trooper :) And trying so hard....I hope one of these is meant to be!! Pray for us! I hope everything is going well for all of you and you are having a great holiday season! Here are some pics from our trip home :)
Our beautiful nephew, Brody

4 Generations :) My Grandpa, Dad, Robby, and Brody

Uncle Alan and Brody, awwww

Snoozin on Aunt Kelly, I'm in heaven haha

Sweetest Baby Boy

More to come :) Have a great weekend all!