Softball Game

Last week Alan's work had a full time vs. part time (intern) softball game. The interns made me their coach (they are all so great, I love them :) Unfortunately we lost both games but it was really fun!

We wore red and the full timers wore black.
They made me Coach B2B for Bowman to be! And my wedding date is 26...pretty crafty!
Alan is pal because he calls everyone here Pal lol...

Team KPA - may have lost but had more fun! ;)

The full timers, really good group of people!

Hopefully we'll do it again at the end of the season. We need a re-match! :)



Well, I'm officially THIRTY! It was a good birthday, I worked about 101 hours that week so it was BUSY. I worked at the doc and then the park and after we went to BW3's for a bit...like we had about 30 minutes until last call lol. When we got home Alan had cake and balloons here and it was seriously the best cake ever...I guess they put amaretto in the frosting - delicious :) I've never met a cake I don't like though....and when I got into the park 2 of my new favorite people, Nate and Lillie, had decorated my guest service booth with banners and balloons, had a giant cookie cake, candy, blow toys, it was super sweet! Our new friends and clients of Alan's, Teresa and Daryll got me a new picture frame with a B on it and a girl I work with, Laura, got me a gift card. Ashley sent me a gift card, my parents and grandparents gave me money...it was all so much more than I expected! Thank you everyone, it was thoughtful and appreciated! I love it here :-)
Here is my cake!
Yes, that is Cinderella...she is a pen! Haha, I love Disney! So sweet :)

And balloons...

We went out to dinner last time we were home too. Then we went back to my house and had cakes from a bakery for a cake tasting, so fun :) It was me and Alan, Robby, Christal and Brody Bug, my parents and my Grandparents.

Grandpa and Dad

Robby and Christal
Brody Boy
Mom, Brody, Grandma


Tonight we are going to dinner to relax (YAY) and tomorrow we are going to go see Harry Potter! Have a great week!!! We miss everyone!!