So I was browsing through some old pictures today and I came across these and just started laughing...About 2 years ago Alan, Robby, me and my friend Rachel went to a White Sox game, and as we were leaving Alan's flip flop broke. Then Robby decided he would take his off to make Alan feel better (or to make fun, whichever way you want to look at it.) It was hilarious, they walked all the way to the car that way...hahaha.....you can tell Robby is just laughing....

I hope you all have a great weekend, I'll be at DBacks games Saturday and Sunday.


Arizona Needs....


The End.



ROBBY AND CHRISTAL ARE HAVING A BOY!!!! I'm getting a nephew and I am SO EXCITED!! Congratulations you two :-)



Last week I finally got all the pictures uploaded from Alan's birthday, the Jovi concert, and Chad and April's visit. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

From Alan's Birthday night-we went to a comedy club and then to the bars, GOOD TIMES!
Dwayne and Brian (Alan's co-workers), Alan, and Brian

Co-workers Andrea and Rachael

Me, Alicia, and Danielle
At the Jovi / Daughtry concert :-)

Daughtry/Jovi - HOT.

Alan and Brian at Jovi

Alan and Me at Jovi :-)

And last but not least, Chad and April's visit!!

Chad and Alan playing catch at our pool...right about when I

took the shot to the face that broke the new camera...
Alan and Chad...pretty sure they are holding each other up.

Chad and April Friend at the DBacks Game

That's all for now :-) Have a good one!