Tuesday's Appointment

Well we bought ourselves another week! At the NST my bp was elevated but pretty much where it's been. Afterwards, we went to the doctor and I saw Dr. Murphy, she said another week was ok. I go back next Tuesday and have to see Dr. Short b/c I guess I am a little 'higher risk' b/c of the blood pressure so Dr. Short sees me and at that time will discuss inducing. We are more than ready to meet her so I would be ok with that! If they tell me I can go another week I will be a little sad b/c I'm pretty much miserable at this point. I sleep about 3 hours a night, my bladder is killing me, ribs, back, hips, etc. Not to mention the bedrest is SO SO boring (I know, appreciate it while you can) but I can only take so many CSI reruns :) Haha sorry to complain. We'll see what happens next Tuesday!!


Doctor Appointment

Well yesterday's appointment wasn't so great. My blood pressure was way up again so Dr. Strickland sent me to Porter for more labs and a non-stress test. I have to go back to Porter on Saturday for the same, then back on Tuesday before my scheduled appointment at the doctor's office. If it is high when I go back on Tuesday (I will be between 37 and 38 weeks) then Dr. Short told me last night they would probably talk inducing me. The nerves are kicking in a little! Everyone has said being induced is hard and painful but hopefully I can get an epidural and be ok :) So who knows...she may be coming next week!?!


Better Start Updating!

I have family that lives far away and in no time the baby will be here and I have had some requests to update the blog! So here it is :) I am currently on bedrest, a week ago today I went to the doctor after work and my bp was high and I had some swelling so she sent me to Porter for some testing. I went back on Wednesday and it was better but still high so she put me on bedrest. I go back tomorrow for my 37 week check up :) I'm feeling pretty good, just have a backache and occasional pain to the left of my belly button, not sure what that is but we are hoping not a hernia. That's about it, just a waiting game now. Hopefully tomorrow's appointment goes good. Alan is doing great, he is very excited for her to be here but a little anxious about the birth, he hates hospitals and everything that goes along with them but he'll be ok. I think these non-stress tests have helped him, he knows what we are heading into now :)