I know I say that everytime but it's so hard to find the time to sit at the computer and take my time on here! Sorry for anyone who actually read this lol :) Let's see, quick updates....we bought a new home and we are closing this Friday and moving all weekend, woohoo! Brin is almost 10 months old....going way to fast. Crawling all over, pulling up on everything, starting to stand alone....she's so smart. Says mama, dada, baba, nana, papa, hiiiii, bye, waves, imitates and elephant and bear, knows pictures in picture books....she is too funny. Still having sleeping issues but we're use to it by now lol. Summer has been fun, lots of trips to the zoo, the beach, some parties, just outside fun :) Some pics...


Summer 2011!

It's finally seeming like the rain may be done a bit here and the sun has been shining! Fun! We went to Lincoln Park Zoo 2 weekends ago with Robby's family. All the babies were great and we had a really nice time. Weather was perfect, but it was super crowded. Tomorrow we are having dinner at a friends house, Saturday we have a birthday party to go do for Mia and Ayden, Sunday is church and hopefully Brinley catches up on some sleep :) Monday Alan's parents will be here and we are going to a cookout at Nate's parents (amy's boyfriend.)

We also put an offer on a house and it has been accepted, the banking is all in order, but we had the inspection today and there was some fireplace/wood damage that needs to be fixed so we'll see where we stand after it's brought to the attention of the seller.

Pics from the zoo and my Grandpa's birthday party! It was last weekend and it was very nice!


7 months!

I can't believe our baby is 7 months old!!! Time flies when you become a parent.
Here are some 7 month pics:

She is still a bad sleeper. Goes down around 8:30, up around 11, up around 2, eats around 3:30 or 4, back down around 4:45, then up at like 6:30 or 7:00. I'm exhausted but I know it's all worth it :) Some nights it's up more than that, I'll be so excited when the day comes that I put her down at 8:30 and she sleeps til like 6 lol...
She is a really really funny baby. Fiesty personality, laughs out loud at things that are funny, still has some stranger danger but doing a little better. She looks ridiculously cute in her baby clothes for summer :) I love her baby legs. She snuggles on my at her night time bottle and it's my favorite. She drinks a bottle every 4 hours, anywhere between 5 to 7 ounces. She eats a fruit for lunch and a veggie at dinner. Not a huge fruit fan! She absolutely hates bananas, they about make her puke! She has loved carrots and sweet potatoes. Tonight we will be trying peas for the first time...I wonder how that will go :) She rolls all over the place, LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She can sit up but typically refuses to, she's too busy and always wants to be rolling and playing. If she is sitting it's because there's a toy in front of her that requires her to sit.

She is taking longer morning naps and shorter afternoon naps. She takes about an hr to hr and 15 morning nap and about a an hour and a half to 2 hr afternoon. She really fights sleep like a champ lol...makes me be patient that's for sure! I absolutely love her to the moon and so does Alan :) So blessed :)

Nothing really else is going on! Alan is liking his new job which is great! We both love the hours, so does Brin :) He's excited for his first Father's day this weekend! He's a wonderful Dad!! Hope all is well with everyone!!


6 months and such...

Well baby girl turned 6 months old on May 14th! She also had her 6 month photos taken by Tiffany Ann! Tiffany is fabulous, Brinley was VERY tired, hadn't napped all morning but she never cried, just wouldn't give us a single smile lol. My first Mother's Day has also come and went, it was awesome. I felt special and got cards from Alan, my parents, Brinley, friends, family...thank you so much to everyone who sent me things for my 1st Mother's day, it meant a lot! I love being a Mommy :)

So Brinley had her 6 month check up this Tuesday (which included shots.) She weighs 16 and a half pounds and is 27 inches long! She is in the 90th percentile for height, my tall girl, but very lean haha. The Doctor said this is pretty much a good marker (at this age) for how they will weigh throughout life. She goes to bed about 8:30 every night and is up around 10:30, 2:00, then eats between 3 and 4, and up for good no later than 7:30. She is eating rice cereal and starting a week ago Sunday we began bananas :) She actually sort of makes a face to them but keeps eating so I do think she likes them, but they may not be her favorite. She rolls back and forth and is working on sitting up alone still. She insists on looking down so she slumps haha, we have to pull her back up but she'll get it soon :) She is VERY smart, don't ask me how I know I just do it. She misses nothing...studies everyone and everything, still has stranger danger but getting better...is super fun, laughs, talks (lots of B sounds like babababa and some v's in there, a few m...) is really good with motor skills for her young age in both hands. She is wearing 6-9 month jammies (for length) but 6 month clothing in anything else.

Alan started his new job at Mittal and knock on wood so far seems to be enjoying it. I know he is LOVING more time at home, with his baby, and freedom on the weekends! This weekend coming up is Memorial weekend...I am off the entire weekend and Alan is off Sat, Sun and Monday. We have plans sat, sun, and monday :) So ready for it and for the rain to please go away and the sun to come and stay! Brinley loves when we get to walk the neighborhood!

Here a few pics! They are of Brin's 6 month with Tiffany (just put a few), her eating rice cereal, us on a walk, her and I on my 1st Mother's Day before church...oh and the Easter baskets my Mom put together for Brody, Sadie, and Brinley...so nice!


I'm a slacker!

It's been too long again! And guess who turned 5 months old on the 14th ;) Pics...

Let's see...as of 5 months you weigh 15 lbs 6 ounces. You are still in 3-6 month clothing. You started cereal this week actually and like it :) We tried a month ago and you wanted nothing to do with it lol. No teeth yet but you suck on your little fingers all the time. You have started spitting bubbles/drooling. You are on a decent schedule, 2 morning naps (35 mins) then a good 2.5 to 3 hour afternoon nap, then a short evening nap. You eat your cereal at about 6:30, get a bath, a bottle, and usually in bed by 8:30. You still wake up in the night to eat and have been waking up just to fuss once or twice lately too. But to date you have slept 6 hours straight three times :-)

Stranger danger is still going strong but seems to slowly (maybe?) getting a little better. Fingers crossed :)

We went and saw the Easter Bunny last weekend. I had no idea that they didn't let the bunny hold babies so we had to get in the picture with her. I was sick with stomach flu the day before and wasn't exactly looking my best haha but it's cute still cuz she makes it that way :)

We have her Easter basket all ready to go and her Nana and Papa got her a big basket full of goodies too :) Lots of Easter pics to come! LOVE spoiling my little sunshine with holiday presents :) Little girls...SO fun!

We just got back from Katie and Carter's (the twins) 10th birthday party (my cousin Steve's kids.) They are so cute, so well mannered, and are getting so big...it was nice to see everyone and I'm excited for tomorrow :) My Mom has tons of eggs for the easter egg hunt, love to watch the little ones find them.

Happy Easter everyone, God Bless!!!!


Alan's Birthday

So my amazing hubby turned 32 on March 27th :-) We stayed here and had dinner and cake because Brinley is on such a good schedule now we just thought let's stay home and relax. He got $$, clothes, shoes...made out pretty well! My family spoils him haha, I LOVE that they treat him and love him as one of their own, not something he or I take for granted. My Mom treats us all (me, Robby, Alan and Christal) equal, like she has 4 kids now instead of 2 haha ;)

Just a few pics b/c lil miss is waking up from her nap. Oh and by the way, it's sunny outside right now and you would think it's super warm, except for the SNOW THAT IS FALLING...what the heck!?!? Seriously spring...you can come and stay anytime now!!!!

Brinley on Daddy's birthday before we left for church...

Daddy and Brinley...


Cake, the fam :)

Hope you had a very happy birthday babe (and Daddy!) We love you very much!!!


Brody's ABC's!

So smart, and cute, and precious :)