Brody's ABC's!

So smart, and cute, and precious :)


Miss Millie

So, Brinley has this little lamb/blankie that is her absolute best friend. She goes to sleep with it and I don't leave the house without it because she always wants her hands to be busy, so she plays with it the entire time we are out while she's being strolled ;) She rubs it on her face to fall asleep and when she finally falls asleep I move it away. I'm glad she has taken to it honestly, I like that she has something that comforts her. We have named her Miss Millie.

I kiss Miss Millie.

I wrestle Miss Millie.

I snuggle and love my Miss Millie!

It's sorta funny...before we leave the last thing Alan or I will say is, "Did you get Miss Millie?" Like she's a family member or something haha...

Brinley also got her 4 month shots yesterday. She was a TROOPER. She did awesome the entire appointment...and even for the 1st shot. The second one ticked her off but once I picked her up and loved on her some she was ok :) Poor lil monkey, I hate shots :(

Brinley, show me your band-aids...no way Mom I'm hiding them.

Pretty please? No way...but look I can grab my lil piggies...

Ok...here ya go!

TIME FLIES! LOOOOVE my sweet girl :)


4 months!

Yesterday Brinley turned 4 months old! I think there is a big difference between 3 months and 4 months. Some of her 4 month pics I took...

She will be all laughs and smiles and the minute you get a camera out and she sees it she is totally serious.

Tonight, we are going to give rice cereal for the first time. I pray she does well with it, and it fills her little belly enough to sleep! Her routine now is to eat her nighttime bottle at about 8:30, go to bed about 9:15...wake up at 1:15ish to eat again, back to sleep at 2, up at 6:00ish to eat again, back to bed around 7ish, then sleeps about 2 more hours and is up for the day. Sounds great (much better than 2 months ago) but she takes 35 minutes to eat 6 ounces, is ridiculously hard to burp (last night I rocked and patted her for 10 minutes and finally got one before I laid her back down)...bless her heart. So by the time I lay her back down, actually fall back asleep, it's like I'm being awoken from a coma to get up again! We'll get there eventually :) I don't mind getting up, honestly, but my body sure could use a solid 8 hours of sleep!!

So 4 months...such a sweet and precious time. You love morning and talk up a storm. You go to bed now with a paci and with your best friend, Miss Millie (a little lamb/blankey thing.) Your crib has a cusion thing in it to raise your head b/c you are not allowed to lay flat. You have lost a solid inch line of hair across the back of your head ;) You can go in your bouncer now with a blanket to help hold you up. You constantly have a hand in your mouth, usually your left hand so Daddy says you may be a lefty. You love going to the mall and being walked in your stroller because you are curious about EVERYTHING. You are FIESTY!! CONSTANTLY moving and busy! You still hate tummy time but already lift up and move your legs like you want to take off! You 100% recognize people and are NOT into strangers right now. You sat on my lap this Sunday and stayed awake all through church for the first time, and actually sat and watched the Pastor...then you pooped and I think the entire congregation heard it, it was hysterical. You laugh out loud and LOVE your Daddy, when he comes home you are so happy :) You are absolutely WONDERFUL :)

This was after church on Sunday, wish I still had on the adorable Gap coat that went with this outfit!

She goes in for her 4 month appointment tomorrow, pray she does well with her shots!


Ready for Sunshine!

Hollywood!! ;)

Come on spring and summer, I am ready to go outside and play!

I took this yesterday, notice she has a tiny scratch on her lower right cheek. I swear I cut her little nails every other day but I guess it's just bound to happen now and then. Makes me feel bad though.

Brody was over yesterday and we played outside while Brinley napped. He is SUCH an amazing 2 year old...smart, witty, fun, adorable, we had an awesome time! He has so much energy and kept saying, "Brody run fassssst!" and then we would run laps around the house...like 20 times. Maybe he'll follow his Dad's footsteps and be a runner? I took a few pictures. Next time hopefully it'll be nice enough for Miss Sadie to come along too, it's still too cold for the babies. I think her and Brinley are going to love hanging outside soon!!!



Bath Time

Brinley is 16 weeks old as of yesterday! This is a video of her in the bath taken about 10 days ago. SHE LOVES HER BATH. This is actually really calm, she talks and kicks up a storm usually ;) She still sort of hates the hour of 7:00 P.M. so we wait until then to give her a bath. Right now, she eats her night time bottle and then goes to bed between 8-9 every night. She's up to eat every 4 hours still, though this past week she has slept for 5 hours in between twice. Last Friday I fed her at 12:20, thought she would be my alarm at 4:20 instead of my cell phone which was set for 5:00 but my cell phone woke me up! Of course I ran in and checked on her, she was sound asleep and slept until 7:00!! Of course on a day I have to get up at 5:00 for work but I was still really happy for her!

She goes in for her next doctor visit on the 16th for her 4 month shots :( I HATE SHOTS. I know it's a must blah blah but it's still so sad to watch. We had her at the Doctor about 2 weeks ago (they added an additional med for reflux but we haven't had to give it to her yet) and she weighed 12 lbs 14 oz. It's fun to see how much they have grown. She isn't really a chubby baby, just a little roll on her leg but I think her belly is getting a little bigger and her cheeks :) But, she is really long! I think she's going to be tall!

Well I think that's it for now. Somehow her schedule got all messed up today and she is due to eat again at 10:00 so I'm not going to bed until after that! I'm not sure anyone reads this lol but if anyone does, I hope you are all doing well!!! Have a great week!