Hot Rods!

Here are some pics of the Hot Rods ball park and us at work :) I know some people were wondering if it would be done (still has some work to do on the offices) but the inside looks great! Come anytime :)

And a pic of my favorite little man just because he is SO DARN CUTE!


Rob and Christal's Wedding :-)

Heyyyy! I wanted to post some pics of Robby and Christal's wedding, they are a little late but I am a busy lady! I work 2 jobs now, 8-5 for a cardiologist and pulmonologist and then I work at the field on home games. So, Alan and I are both gone from about 7:30 to 1:00 A.M. We are exhausted but it's fun :) The wedding was super sweet, they looked great and Brody was a doll of course :) The reception was gorgeous and everyone had a very nice time. I am so happy for them!

Love you guys, God Bless you on a wonderful life together :-)