Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

Here is Brodysaurus!! SO CUTE!

I hope everyone has a nice Halloween! Tonight better hurry up and get here or there won't be any Reese's cups left for the kids - oops....

And just an update, Alan is flying to Milwaukee next week to interview and also interviewing with a company here next week as well...then, assuming he gets offers, we will decide together whether to stay or move! Lots going on, we are a little stressed but praying it will all work out...and SOON.

Ok, have a great Halloween and weekend!!!

And Ash, Kellie, and Brit, thank you again for coming, I'll post on that next week with some pics, I had a great time and love and miss you girls!!!



FOR A NEW JOB. About 2 weeks ago I found out the company I work for is closing. Then, this past Friday Alan's entire department lost their jobs. Double whammy! It's ok, I always tell him it could be worse! It'll be a little stressful for awhile but we are both interviewing and keeping our fingers crossed. Alan will have a tough decision to make....either we stay in AZ and leave sports or stay in sports but leave AZ (he has an interview with the Milwaukee Brewers tomorrow.) So we shall see, it's in God's hands and I trust everything will work out. Sort of puts a damper on our wedding plans though....for now, they are on hold I guess. Boo economy, BOO.

On a happier note, three of my girlfriends are coming to visit this weekend! YAY! It will be SO INCREDIBLY NICE to be able to go out and boogy a little ;) Ashley, Brittney, and Kellie, love you guys and can't wait until Thursday at 8:05 when you land!! GAME ON!

AND...LaPorte and Portage both placed first at their first District cheer competition!! LOVE YOU GIRLS, GREAT JOB!!! Good luck at Regionals!!!

Alan and I went to the zoo last weekend and had a great time :) He almost got his finger bit by a big ostrich (it was really funny) and then we were attacked by a duck while we were trying to get food from a feeder to feed it (again, it was really funny) but we left without any bites haha :)

And my nephew Brody is GORGEOUS and they send me pics all the time and I love them. Also, my cousin Danny had a son in July who is just beautiful (Ayden) and Brody will have a great playmate for sure! Danny claims they are going to be a tag team in the WWF....

That's all for now, pics to come after my friends leave on Monday :)

Did I mention it's still 96 degrees here? :)