Turkey Time!

I hope you all have a wonderful day today :) Alan and I are going to eat with his Grandma and 2 Great Aunts and then I think I may try to talk him into going to a movie, but typically football wins out!

We are going home in early December and Alan is flying to Pennsylvania for an interview with a Minor League team. He is really crossing his fingers because it would be a big step in his career, it's for the Director of Group AND Season tickets. I just want him to be happy and this would definitely be good on his resume :)

AND....the Portage Indians AND the LaPorte Slicers both were REGIONAL CHAMPS!! WOOT WOOT! So proud of all of the girls and of my friends who are coaching them (and myself LOL...gotta give myself a little props for choreographing right!?!) But the girls are amazing on both teams and I hope they do a great job at Nationals in FLORIDA!! Have fun girls, I love you all and am SO PROUD OF YOU!

I'll leave you with a picture of the first turkey Alan and I cooked last year for our church dinner. We had SO much fun and must have checked on it 1,000 times. Believe it or not, it turned out great! And then they had a drawing for a free Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and Alan won! Worth it because I can eat Thanksgiving food everyday of the year haha...he really is so cute and loves being of 'assistance' as he says in the kitchen :)

Have a great day! And if you are shopping tomorrow on Black Friday, Good Luck and Have fun!


Sedona :)

**cheer note!** MID-AMERICA REGIONAL CHEERLEADING COMPETITION IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to the Portage Indians and the LaPorte Slicers!!!!

So, a couple weeks ago Alan and I went to Sedona to spend the day together. If you have never been, I highly recommend it! Sedona is amazing, it is beautiful...it isn't called God's country for nothing ;) Here are some pics from my phone that I took, we are still without a camera since ours broke haha...

We had a really nice time. We went hiking and then went into town for lunch (BBQ yum it was soooo good) and browsed around the little shops they have. Then we got ice cream and headed home! Definitely worth it.

Alan heard back from Milwaukee and they hired internally...I guess he was going to get offered the job but this Monday someone from within stepped up and said they wanted it...so I guess that one wasn't meant to be. He has 2 phone interviews on Monday for different teams so we will see how that goes. It's wierd, we have been home together for awhile now and we were talking yesterday about how we always have a good time and never get sick of each other. I think that says a lot, he is the only person I can be with 24/7 and never get tired of him ;) That's all for now, I hope we get some good news soon on the job front!


Friends :)

Hi all!
So, Alan was in Milwaukee on Monday and Tuesday of this week and he said his interviews went well. Wednesday he interviewed with a company here locally and he said that went well too. Now we are playing the waiting game...boo. Thanks for the prayers!! What's meant to be will be, right? It's in God's hands, I just hope we know something soon.

As promised, here are a few pics of when three of my greatest girlfriends from home came to town! They arrived on Thursday night around 8:30 and we went to Applebee's to eat and catch up. Then on Friday we spent the day at the pool and went to Saddleback Ranch that night where they have a mechanical bull...which Ashley rode! It was going brilliantly until she fell...it was about 9:00 at this time and the story ends with her and I getting home from the ER at 3:30 that morning....yea, she hurt her back pretty bad. But with some extra Ibuprofen the next morning she went to the mall with us b/c the doc said it would hurt worse if she laid on it. Saturday night we went to a local chill bar and had a GREAT time. Good band, then a good DJ....worth it. Sunday was total lazy day, we watched Cheerleaders on CMT (the Dallas Cowboy ones) and ate pizza ;) I'm so glad they came, it was nice to laugh and hang out with friends. LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you Ash, Kellie and Brit!