....no baby yet. I am in Indiana as I type this. Christal went back to the doctor today and she is not dilated and everything still looks ok, so they made an appointment for her to go back a week from today. They will talk about inducing at that time. However, it has been a really busy visit, and I have gotten a LOT of wedding stuff done :-) My Mom and I got up today and left the house at 9:00 and didn't get home until 10:30 tonight (we were done with 'wedding day' at 6:00 though.) We...
-went to a few cake tastings
-met with florists
-went to scope out some invitations
-picked the flower colors
-went and saw the hall (I LOVE IT :-)
-went to Hobby Lobby
-visited Robby and Christal (their nursery is so cute!)
-had dinner with Darlene, Peggy, and Allie
Tomorrow we are going to look at bridesmaid dresses. Yay :)
It is ok that Brody isn't here yet, it's in God's hands and we just want him to be healthy. Please keep them in your prayers.
Ok....off to read a little before bed. It's nice to visit but I sure do miss my lovie (as I call him haha.)
Have a good week!


Got my Card!

I got my blood donor card in the mail :-) Don't mind the Trident covering my last name, I don't know if any creepers might come across my blog so I thought I would cover it up haha! (No offense creepers.) I finally know my blood type now too. It's so easy to donate! And it only takes about 7 minutes, literally. And the people treat you so kind, and you get free cookies!! (Well, I picked cookies of course but there are lots of things to choose from.) In my pamphlet it said that only 30% of people who first donate ever go back. I will be in that 30%. Your blood is used within 48 hours and you are helping someone who needs it....worth it :)

Next, I am going to get on the bone marrow registry. I think it's worth it...

Sidenote: I go home a week from today, I'm excited to see everyone....and Brody is now officially 2 days late...I am crossing my fingers he arrives before I get there!!!


So happy about...

I love this man with all my heart.
I am so thankful to be planning our wedding, and getting to marry my best friend.
Some people have been asking how we met, so here goes...
Alan and I had a class together our freshman year of college at PNC. Speech class of all things. While I broke out into hives everytime I had to get up in front of the class, Alan loved every second of it. We never said a word to each other the entire semester. I thought he was so incredibly 'hot' as I said back then, and referred to him as 'speech boy' to my friends. Fast forward 2 years, and I am at Purdue in West Lafayette and Alan is attending Indiana State in Terre Haute. It was Thanksgiving weekend and I was freshly single haha. My friend Nikki wanted to go out and said that her boyfriend Chad had a friend in town who was 'a player but a lot of fun.' (We were both home at the time for Thanksgiving break.) So we headed to Pepe's in Valpo and I was minding my business when she says, "oh, Alan is here." She and I kept talking and I wasn't paying attention and when I looked up there he stood and said, "you're the girl from speech class...." UM....this is when my heart skipped and I thought I was going to throw up (lol). I said, "your the guy from speech class." Nikki said, "ALAN IS SPEECH BOY?" And she and Chad laughed at us for awhile. I was totally shy and embarrassed so I had a bit more to drink to take the edge off, and we ended up dancing and hanging out all night. He kissed me before he left (hehe) and the rest is history :) We've been through LOTS of long distance, college 'fraternal bliss days', multiple knock down drag outs, incredible highs...and I wouldn't change a thing. All of it has made us and gotten us to where we are today. Now 7½ years later, we are planning a wedding :) WE DID IT haha! And I couldn't be happier...



So someone left a brand new loaf of bread on the toaster this morning while it was in use...and melted the plastic all over...except that it isn't the first time it's happened, just the first time an entire loaf was ruined....oops........


Come on Brody!

This is the latest ultrasound that Christal had, which was just within the last week or so. It is a Level II Ultrasound so it really looks so clear, look at his precious little face! Christal is due in SIX DAYS! We are all so ready to meet him! I can't wait to be an AUNT! Christal and Robby, we love you and are praying for a healthy delivery! He is going to be such a peanut!! Babies=worth it.




I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. All weekend I have been glued to the TV, literally. Alan had to work on Saturday, but he was just as glued as I was on Sunday. And when our boys won the 400 relay, I cheered out loud. PHELPS IS AMAZING, and LEZAK was the greatest anchor of all time. What a great race. And there is no way the Chinese girls gymnasts are all 16. I am pretty sure one of them is starting Kindergarten in the fall.



Gone Home

On August 5th my sister and friend, Alison Kline, was called home.
She is in heaven now, cancer free and pain free.
Please keep her husband Tom and family in your prayers.
Rest in peace, sweet Alison.