Who says...

You can't go home? ;-) A week from tomorrow me and my hottie hubs will be moving back home! He accepted a job there that is better pay and benefits and he couldn't pass it up. We love it here in BG and will miss it very much, but being closer to family and friends and when the time comes for us to try, having a baby (ahhh!) closer to them will be great.
We've been moving all around for a long time and I wouldn't change it for anything. We met amazing people, did amazing things, and now we're ending up back where we should :) It didn't take me long to learn that anywhere we are together, is home. 9 years and still get the butterflies in the belly. Thank you, Lord.


I'm a MRS! - PIC HEAVY!!!

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! Time flies! So...three weeks ago this Saturday we officially tied the knot! I.AM.SO.BLESSED. I have an incredible husband! The weather was amazing, our friends and family are MIRACLES, and the day was great! The Honeymoon was just as fantastic, as soon as I upload pics I'll get them on here. We had a very casual day with a baseball themed reception that started at 2:00...and people were still there at 10:00! I really hope everyone had a great time. I would've posted sooner, but the computer has been in the shop for awhile now, just got it back today. Here are some pics, enjoy :)
My brother walking my Mom - they are so cute :)

Me and my Dad!