6 months and such...

Well baby girl turned 6 months old on May 14th! She also had her 6 month photos taken by Tiffany Ann! Tiffany is fabulous, Brinley was VERY tired, hadn't napped all morning but she never cried, just wouldn't give us a single smile lol. My first Mother's Day has also come and went, it was awesome. I felt special and got cards from Alan, my parents, Brinley, friends, family...thank you so much to everyone who sent me things for my 1st Mother's day, it meant a lot! I love being a Mommy :)

So Brinley had her 6 month check up this Tuesday (which included shots.) She weighs 16 and a half pounds and is 27 inches long! She is in the 90th percentile for height, my tall girl, but very lean haha. The Doctor said this is pretty much a good marker (at this age) for how they will weigh throughout life. She goes to bed about 8:30 every night and is up around 10:30, 2:00, then eats between 3 and 4, and up for good no later than 7:30. She is eating rice cereal and starting a week ago Sunday we began bananas :) She actually sort of makes a face to them but keeps eating so I do think she likes them, but they may not be her favorite. She rolls back and forth and is working on sitting up alone still. She insists on looking down so she slumps haha, we have to pull her back up but she'll get it soon :) She is VERY smart, don't ask me how I know I just do it. She misses nothing...studies everyone and everything, still has stranger danger but getting better...is super fun, laughs, talks (lots of B sounds like babababa and some v's in there, a few m...) is really good with motor skills for her young age in both hands. She is wearing 6-9 month jammies (for length) but 6 month clothing in anything else.

Alan started his new job at Mittal and knock on wood so far seems to be enjoying it. I know he is LOVING more time at home, with his baby, and freedom on the weekends! This weekend coming up is Memorial weekend...I am off the entire weekend and Alan is off Sat, Sun and Monday. We have plans sat, sun, and monday :) So ready for it and for the rain to please go away and the sun to come and stay! Brinley loves when we get to walk the neighborhood!

Here a few pics! They are of Brin's 6 month with Tiffany (just put a few), her eating rice cereal, us on a walk, her and I on my 1st Mother's Day before church...oh and the Easter baskets my Mom put together for Brody, Sadie, and Brinley...so nice!

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