Alan's Birthday

So my amazing hubby turned 32 on March 27th :-) We stayed here and had dinner and cake because Brinley is on such a good schedule now we just thought let's stay home and relax. He got $$, clothes, shoes...made out pretty well! My family spoils him haha, I LOVE that they treat him and love him as one of their own, not something he or I take for granted. My Mom treats us all (me, Robby, Alan and Christal) equal, like she has 4 kids now instead of 2 haha ;)

Just a few pics b/c lil miss is waking up from her nap. Oh and by the way, it's sunny outside right now and you would think it's super warm, except for the SNOW THAT IS FALLING...what the heck!?!? Seriously spring...you can come and stay anytime now!!!!

Brinley on Daddy's birthday before we left for church...

Daddy and Brinley...


Cake, the fam :)

Hope you had a very happy birthday babe (and Daddy!) We love you very much!!!

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