Summer 2011!

It's finally seeming like the rain may be done a bit here and the sun has been shining! Fun! We went to Lincoln Park Zoo 2 weekends ago with Robby's family. All the babies were great and we had a really nice time. Weather was perfect, but it was super crowded. Tomorrow we are having dinner at a friends house, Saturday we have a birthday party to go do for Mia and Ayden, Sunday is church and hopefully Brinley catches up on some sleep :) Monday Alan's parents will be here and we are going to a cookout at Nate's parents (amy's boyfriend.)

We also put an offer on a house and it has been accepted, the banking is all in order, but we had the inspection today and there was some fireplace/wood damage that needs to be fixed so we'll see where we stand after it's brought to the attention of the seller.

Pics from the zoo and my Grandpa's birthday party! It was last weekend and it was very nice!

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